Be At Home With Nature

Let the simple presence of potted plants and flowers awaken your home and calm your inner being with their serene presence
We offer a complete range of pretty potted plants, handy gardening tools, various types of fertilizers to meet your every gardening and landscaping need
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Welcome To Koon Lee Nursery

1. Choose Your Plants

With our wide selection of fresh indoor and outdoor plants in various sizes, heights, and colours

2. Order Online

You can now conveniently order our products from the comfort of your own home – through your laptop or mobile device

3. Delivery To Doorstep

From our nursery right to your doorstep. Now, that’s what we call door-to-door delivery

garden and landscape aspirations

Hanging plants for your bathroom.
Pots of orchid for the balcony.
Or a tall, elegant plant to liven up the living room.
The choice is yours.

Ready for display

All our plants are healthy enough for you to confidently display immediately upon arrival

Quality Plants

We nurture young plants from a young till they grow and blossom into their full beauty

Tender care

Balanced exposure to sunlight. The right choice of fertilizer. Sufficient watering of plants. All for healthier and more beautiful plants

Island-wide delivery

We have a delivery team to ensure that your orders arrive on time wherever you are in Singapore


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